The firm works with private individuals and companies of all sizes, from family SMEs to groups of companies and also non-profit organisations (associations, foundations, mutual insurance companies, pension funds, etc.) to assist them primarily with tax law and corporate law.


The firm works closely with its clients to help them determine their company’s tax strategy/planning of their private assets in order to comply with tax regulations, reduce tax burdens, manage tax losses or optimise tax operations. We also assist our clients during tax audits and dispute resolution with the tax administration.

  • Tax management and tax strategy for domestic and international groups for all types of taxes (VAT, local and business tax, registration fees, local tax, residential tax and property tax, etc.)
  • Tax audits and optimisation of structures (tax consolidation).
  • Assistance in determining taxable income.
  • Optimisation of financing and management of debt ratios.
  • Securing and optimisation of flows (dividends, interest, royalties, treasury) and tax losses.
  • Assistance for international operations (setup, tax impacts, optimisation).
  • Intra-group relationships, transfer pricing.
  • Application of tax treaties, management of international double taxation.
  • Foreign taxation in conjunction with our local correspondents.
  • Preparation of wealth tax, income tax, capital gains, exit tax declarations.
  • Structuring and optimisation of assets.
  • Employee share ownership, stock option, employee and management incentive plans.
  • Inheritance diagnosis and transmission (donations and inheritances).
  • International mobility (transfer of residence, impatriation/expatriation).
  • Adjustment of assets held abroad.
  • Real estate operations and real estate trader
  • Structuring of professional and personal investments, in France and abroad.
  • Structuring of operations (merger, split, contribution).
  • Tax implications and optimisation of operations.
  • Acquisition tax review.
  • Assistance during external growth transactions or assignment.
  • Preliminary tax audits and diagnoses.
  • Assistance in tax audits of companies or individuals.
  • Negotiations and transactions / settlement with the tax administration.
  • Defence before the courts competent in tax matters.
  • Criminal law on taxation
  • Recovery tax Litigation.
  • Assistance in the filing of applications for authorisations and
  • Associations, Foundations, Mutual Insurance Companies, Provident Institutions, Retirement and Pension Funds.
  • Assistance during fiscal changes.
  • Taxation of structures and assets/liabilities.
  • Optimisation of tax status.


The firm supports its clients during the creation and incorporation of companies and then throughout the entity’s corporate life, in the framework of regular legal monitoring but also in exceptional operations. 

  • Choice of legal structures.
  • Management of relations between shareholders (shareholders’ agreement).
  • Approval of annual accounts
  • Study and preparation of treasury agreements, services.
  • Drafting of assignment deeds and guarantees of assets and liabilities.
  • Assistance during restructuring (merger, spin-off, partial contribution of assets, dissolution by confusion of assets).