The fee policy is discussed and set in agreement with the client, and then formalised in a fee proposal / engagement letter.

Fees are determined according to the nature of the case, its economic stakes and the time devoted to it.

The fees are calculated on the basis of a variable hourly rate (from 200 to 380 euros excl. taxes per hour) which takes into account the experience and specialisation of lawyers involved in the case.


Depending on the nature of the case, several methods of invoicing may be considered:

  • Invoicing for time spent: the firm invoices its services according to the time spent on the case by the lawyers whose hourly rate is stated at the beginning of their assignment. The fee note is accompanied by a precise description of all the services performed.
  • Fixed price invoicing: when the case allows for it and involves sufficient visibility of the services to be performed, a fixed budget can be defined with the client depending on the complexity of the case.
  • Fixed fee plus a performance fee: a part of the fee can be determined according to the results obtained or the service rendered. This method of remuneration is particularly suited to litigation but cannot, under our ethical rules, constitute the only method of remuneration for the lawyer.

Fees are subject to a VAT rate of 20%.